Selenium SeLECT® – Bioavailability enhancement with BioPerine®

  • The bioavailability of Selenium SeLECT® with and without BioPerine® (black pepper extract standardized to contain 95-98% piperine) was evaluated in a double-blind study with 10 volunteers
  • Five volunteers received 50 mg of Selenium SeLECT® alone, and five others received 50 mg Selenium SeLECT® supplemented with BioPerine®
  • During a six-week supplementation regimen, serum selenium levels were determined at the end of two, three and six weeks. The serum selenium levels were approximately 30% higher in the group receiving Selenium SeLECT® with BioPerine® after two weeks of supplementation, with a plateau in the subsequent time points tested. None of the volunteers in both experimental groups reported any adverse effects. The serum selenium levels were within normal limits in both groups at all time points
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Effect of BioPerine® on serum selenium levels during a six-week supplementation trial

  • Organic forms of selenium are safer and these supplemental selenium sources are more bioavailable as compared to inorganic forms
  • These preliminary results show that the bioavailability of selenium can be safely increased by co-administration of BioPerine®.
    “BioPerine®” is a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation