Selenium SeLECT®: A bioavailable and safe form of selenium supplementation

Chemical structure



Synonym:(S)-(+)-2-Amino-4(methylseleno)-butanoic acid
Specific rotation:Between +17.0° and +19.5°
(Test solution: 10 mg per ml, in 1 N HCL)
Sabinsa Corporation offers manufacturers two grades of Selenium SeLECT®
  • Selenium SeLECT® Pure – contains a minimum of 40% elemental selenium
  • Selenium SeLECT® 5000 – A triturated product with dicalcium phosphate, which contains 5,000 μg per gram (0.5% elemental selenium)
  • It is important to recognize that “chelates” and “organically bound” forms of selenium are not similar to Sabinsa’s Selenium SeLECT® as both these forms release inorganic selenium into the body. Selenium SeLECT®, is a unique single chemical entity containing molecularly integrated selenium in place of sulfur in the molecule of the essential amino acid, methionine. Selenium SeLECT® is directly incorporated into the body proteins by metabolic pathways similar to those for methionine
Importance of the L(+) chiral configuration
  • This makes Selenium SeLECT® not only safer but more bioavailable than other “dry blended” selenium and methionine products. Organically bound selenium has garnered heavy media attention as a pivotal component in the body’s detoxifying system and for its role in the prevention of disease. It is important that selenomethionine be present in the L-(+) form in selenium yeast and selenomethionine supplements. It should be noted that amino acids in living cells are usually present in the L-(+) form. The biological significance of this factor and the analytical methodologies developed by Sabinsa Corporation to identify the L-(+) form, differentiate between genuine and L-(+) selenomethionine material ( Selenium SeLECT® ) and physical blends of inorganic selenium salts and methionine can now be determined
  • Sabinsa’s Selenium SeLECT® is the preferred selenium supplementation due to its inherent safety and its scientific recognition in providing superior bioavailability