L-(+)-Selenomethionine: A Bioavailable Selenium Supplement

Sabinsa Corporation offers manufacturers two grades of L-(+)-Selenomethionine: pure L-(+) Selenomethionine (containing a minimum of 40% elemental selenium) and a triturated product with dicalcium phosphate, which contains 5,000 mcg per gram (0.5% elemental selenium).

Sabinsa is the world’s largest manufacturer of pure, yeast free L-(+)-Selenomethionine. As a pioneer in the manufacturing technology for this product, Sabinsa Corporation submitted its product specifications and analytical methodology for inclusion in the US Pharmacopoeia (USP). These specifications were included in the USP 23-NF 18 Supplement 9 (November 15, 1998, page 4603).

It is important to recognize that “chelates” and “organically bound” forms of selenium are not similar to Sabinsa’s L-(+)Selenomethionine. Both these forms release inorganic selenium into the body. Sabinsa’s product is unique in that the selenomethionine is a single chemical entity.

This makes L-(+)-Selenomethioine not only safer, but more bioavailable than other dry “blended” selenium and methionine products. Organically bound selenium has garnered heavy media attention as a pivotal component in the body’s detoxifying system and for its role in the prevention of disease.

L-(+)-Selenomethionine administered in the form of selenomethionine containing yeast was found to be effective in reducing the risk of cancer in a significant study. L-(+)Selenomethionine is the preferred form of selenium supplementation due to its inherent safety and its scientific recognition as the most bioavailable form of selenium.